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December 31, 2020

Nicole’s 21st – Covid Safe Partying!

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Ah Covid, oh what fun it is to plan an event!

While we respect the current pandemic climate and have adhered to lockdowns and restrictions, after MANY months of not being allowed to work, we are so darn glad to be able to photograph events again! And also ever so grateful to our clients for continuing to book us for their events and their support this year!

We are running things a little differently in 2020, we have a Covid Safe Plan in place (feel free to email us for a copy) and are more than happy to provide you with our photographers details for contact tracing. We carry masks in our bags and are more than obliging to wear one if you ask us to or we may wear one if we feel it necessary for your event. Hand sanitizers and antibacterial wipes are also in every pocket!

With the current government restrictions in place in regards to social distancing we are unable to organise group photographs, unless of course you all live under the one roof! For now we won’t be ‘directing’ anyone into groups for photographs as we don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable and it’s really hard for us to know at large events who reside together, however you are more than welcome to ask us to take photographs if you arrange yourselves for photos 🙂 We’re doing our best to make everyone happy and so far so good!

Below are photographs from Nicole’s 21st Birthday Party in Holland Park, while the party was held at home, their caterers had a covid safe plan, hand sanitiser was provided at the entrance and a QR code was capturing attendees details. Everyone had a little pair of personal tongs to select their food and the event was also held outdoors for lots of fresh air. You guys did an awesome job!

Also I totally have to mention that Nicole is a wow girl! Nicole at 21 just bought her first house, now that’s some dedication and hard work, respect! A party well deserved!

Please enjoy the photographs from the event below.

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