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February 25, 2021

Pre Formal UQ

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With the ever changing world we currently live in I think it’s absolutely genius that some schools are having their 2021 High School Formals on the weekend and earlier in the year while *touch wood* covid isn’t running rampant and cancelling events!

Sue called us in the first week of January as she was quickly putting together a pre-formal party for her daughter Aisha at their home in Coorparoo, because it was happening soon! Saturday 6th February to be exact. We came up with a plan and Sue booked in both my Husband Tim and myself to cover the event of close to 100 guests.

Then, Oh hi Covid lockdown and restrictions.. we missed you… not!

Back to the drawing board! So with the overnight new restrictions coming into play, that threw a spanner in the works for hosting 100 people on their half acre property, as it was twice the allowable limit. In comes the women’s college at UQ to save the day! With a Covid safe plan they were able to host the event, yay!

A sweaty hot Saturday in February rolls around and we arrive early to set up. There’s a beautiful breeze blowing off the UQ lake so Tim set up our Covid Safe outdoor “Studio” on a shady hill overlooking the lake ready for the girls to arrive. Kami, our new work experience helper was also on site to help prevent the studio lights from blowing over!

I, myself set up in the beautiful courtyard garden where drinks and canapes were being served ready to capture everyone as they arrived at the Event and candid style images.

Wow! The girls arrived and they all looked stunning! I was just so happy for them that they were still able to have their Formal after all the struggles everyone has had with Covid. It’s a right of passage all grade 12 students should have the privilege to enjoy and it was our absolute pleasure to be there to document this momentous time for them 🙂

Below is just a small selection of our favourite images from the day.


Anna, Tim and Kami

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